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When we decided to go on a trip, we immediately had the idea in our heads to keep an Instagram page. We both really enjoy taking photos and videos, but also because it is handy to keep everyone up to date at the same time and not have to send 20 times the same holiday photos to friends and family. Meanwhile, we have quite a few followers and we get nice messages from people who like following us because it feels like they are travelling too. We enjoy inspiring people to pursue their dreams/goals. We hope to show all sides of “vanlife”. The fun but also the not so fun sides. We try to show ourselves how we really are, although we also realise that you want to take and share beautiful photos so; to what extent can this be done… we do try to share this in our stories. Also, Instagram only shows a small part of our day. So don’t think we have the perfect life or are the perfect couple, because there are plenty of things you can’t see on our Instagram profile. We do think the coolest thing about Instagram is making REELS, check out a few that are extra special to us;

Click here for REEL 1
Click here for REEL 2
Click here for REEL 3

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