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The hospital in Albania

Naar het ziekenhuis in Albanië. camperreis

In this blog, I talk about our experience with the hospital in Albania. Reading time: 1 minute. Written by Lisa on 01-05-2023

Dislocated shoulder.

We were at the Hotsprings in Permet. To get to the back hot natural pools, you have to climb off a cliff and walk over loose rocks. On the way back to our motorhome, we had to cross water and since our dog was only small, Jorg lifted her to take her across. He slipped on a loose slippery stone and fell. His shoulder was dislocated.

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Help from local people

Two boys helped us tremendously. They called an ambulance, 1 of them translated everything because the hospital staff could not speak English very well. They helped me pack the motorhome and drove to the hospital ahead of me to make sure I arrived at the hospital properly.

Ambulance in Albanië naar het ziekenhuis.

Ambulance in Albania.

20 minutes after an ambulance was called, it arrived. It was a simple bus with a bed with some blankets in it. The elderly man driving the ambulance was wearing normal clothes and immediately lit a cigarette when he got out. In this area, you can tell you are in a different country. But these people were also very friendly. They arrived with a stretcher but soon saw that this was not well possible with all the rocks. Jorg was taken to the ambulance with two people by his side. He was pale and very cold. We didn’t know then how bad it was. They had told us that if it was complicated, he would have to be transferred to the hospital in Tirana, here is a more luxurious hospital and the ambulances here are also more luxurious.

Permet hotspring Albanië. Naar het ziekenhuis in Albanië.

Hospital in Albania

We were taken to the nearest hospital nearby. This was a small building with a number of rooms. It was nice and warm inside. Jorg’s shoulder was put back in its socket in a few minutes, this was fortunately very quick. They then offered him painkillers. The hospital we came to looked clean but very simple. If there is something bigger going on, you are actually always taken to the hospital in the capital. We were allowed to spend the night in the hospital’s small car park.

Health insurance Albania

Since Jorg was picked up by ambulance, we expected to have to arrange something with our insurance. But the people at the hospital were very friendly and did not charge for what they did. The guys who helped us later told us that this is to make tourists feel nice in the country, since Albania does not have a good name yet, they hope to clear it with good care. We bought a big cake as a thank you for the good help.

ziektekosten in Albanië naar het ziekenhuis met Ambulance.
ziektekosten in Albanië naar het ziekenhuis met Ambulance.

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