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Fun spots to visit in Lisbon

LX Factory

We spent a day in Lisbon. Way too short for this great city, we by no means saw everything but in this blog I will tell you about some of the highlights of this impressive city.

Lisa – May 2023 – Reading time: 2 minutes

The Alfama district

We found this a very nice area to walk through. This district has narrow, steep streets with coloured houses. You have vantage points in several places where you can look out over the city or the sea. In the narrow streets you will find cosy restaurants and shops. You can take tram 28, which are small old trams that run through this district. You can buy a ticket for 3 euros at the tram entrance. This allows you to see the city faster.

tram 28 lissabon wijk Alfama

Google Maps location of a nice vantage point in the city:

Praça do Comércio

Large square in central Lisbon, surrounded by beautiful ornate buildings. On one side of the square you look out over the sea, on the other side you will find Arco da Rua Augusta. This is a historic stone triumphal arch from the 18th century. This was built to commemorate the reconstruction after the 1755 earthquake. As you walk under this arch, you come out at the shopping street. Here you will find several clothes shops and restaurants.

Foto gemaakt door Sascha Weber Praça do Comércio citytrip lissabon
Photo made by Sascha Weber

LX factory

If you like art, this is a really cool place. The surroundings already look nice with the high bridge running across the grounds. You can eat, have drinks and view art here. If you walk into a door at the very back, you come out into an old building built into an art gallery. It is a kind of maze building where you can find different coast.

LX factory citytrip lissabon
LX factory citytrip lissabon

Underground village Lisboa

This is a nightlife spot in Lisbon made of shipping containers and 2 double-deckers. You can get something to eat here, have a drink and there are regular parties. You can also take a look here during the day, it’s a very cool place to see and within walking distance of LX factory.

underground village citytrip lissabon
underground village citytrip lissabon

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